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Hello :)

Thanks for stopping by, here's a little bit about me.

I'm Amandine and i'm a 29 years old French girl living between Barcelona (Spain) and Nîmes in the south of France.

I studied Fashion design in Belgium and started doing beading for a project. I loved it that much that i started doing more beading project for myself after being graduaded. I've learned beading by myself, improving my skills step by step, months after months, looking further for other materials & techniques to mix with.

Around this handcraft i make differents projects as accessories, beaded hoops (decoration object) and kits (with everything you need to make your own hoop). I'm also sometimes doing workshops.
I love sewing and making clothes but I had left it aside during a long time because the process of collections, stocks, ... did not correspond to me. For some time a new process is developing (not that new finally because it used to be like that in the past). Slow fashion, one of a kind, made to order, ethically and handcrafted that's where I want to go.

I use deadstock, upcycled and organic fabrics where ever possible and I like to work on a made-to-order or one-of-a-kind basis meaning there is no waste or overproduction.
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